A nice LaTeX template for typesetting CHI Extended Abstracts

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  1. [Feb 21, 2015] This template has been incorporated to the official SIGCHI github repository. Please go to that repo for up-to-date templates.
  2. [Jul 12, 2012] Files moved to the sigchi-latex Google code repository.
  3. [Feb 13, 2012] Added compatibility with the archival template (\toappear and \confname commands).
  4. [Dec 14, 2011] This template is also the official LaTeX SIGCHI EA template :)
  5. [Dec 9, 2011] Previously, references in the examples were formated by using the (standard) abbrv BST style. Now the ACM Transactions bibliography style is used instead, as in the MS Word CHI archival + EA templates.
  6. [Jul 15, 2011] Colors for citations (red), URLs (pink), and cross-references (blue) were set on purpose to remark that they can be clickable (navigable). But of course you can set them to black. Read the README file for more information.
  7. [Jul 15, 2011] This template is now the official LaTeX CHI EA template :)



There are a few people in the HCI community that use the LaTeX system to write reseach papers, because of a number of reasons such as its really high quality, stability, or portability. LaTeX is the language of scientific publications, and it's widely supported by the main CS conference publishers (e.g., ACM, IEEE, Springer, etc.)

The CHI conference is the most relevant venue for HCI researchers worldwide, and CHI organizers do provide a decent LaTeX template for archival submissions (i.e., papers and notes) — although their LaTeX templates are unsupported, and they are making no commitment that such templates will be available in future years.


Manas Tungare released in 2009 a LaTeX template for preparing EA submissions. However, it did not support many features that were otherwise available in the CHI LaTeX archival format, making the typesetting of CHI EAs a bit tedious by using that template. Therefore, I decided to rewrite the class file almost from scratch, trying to achieve thus a more robust and flexible template (take a look at the examples).

Currently the CHI EA template is used for submitting workshops, courses, case studies, doctoral consortium, panels, interactivity, SIGs, works-in-progress, and the student design competition. This template is also used in other HCI venues, such as mobileHCI or CSCW.




  1. ZIP file: http://sigchi-latex.googlecode.com/files/SIGCHI2012LaTeX-EA.zip
  2. Checkout the sources: svn checkout http://sigchi-latex.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/SIGCHI2012LaTeX-EA/ sigchi-latex-ea


This template uses some packages that your LaTeX distribution could be missing. They are: hyperref, caption, url, titlesec, footmisc, and bibspacing. You can put these files in the same directory as your source tex file, or download them from CTAN. You can also install such packages in your TeX system for better portability. Additionally, I recommend the balance package to better equalize the last page (both example files above make use of it: be sure that you have that package installed before compiling them).


If you do like this template, or want to share your thoughts about possible issues, modifications, etc. please let me know by sending an email to llt AT acm DOT org.

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