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  1. Draw gestures here.

  2. Once you're happy with your drawing, click here to process it.

  3. Reset the current drawing. Eveything drawn will be lost!

  4. Save the current drawing to the gestures library.

  5. Undo the last stroke. You can also hit CTRL+Z.

  6. Redo the last stroke. You can also hit CTRL+Y.

  7. You can save your gestures in this section.

  8. Mark a checkbox to export or delete those gestures.

  9. Click to load the saved gesture.

  10. You can load previously saved gestures or incorporate new ones as long as they follow the expected JSON format.

  11. Export your library data in JSON format.

  12. Wipe out everything from the library. Watch out!

  13. Specify the features you want to estimate.

  14. Hover to read each feature description.

  15. Click to read the paper(s) that mention the feature.