MyCV Photo
John M. Doe
23 January 1950

Sample professional

Empty St. West, 23 28080 — San Francisco (USA)
+34 555111222 (ext. 123)

the basics

MyCV is an easy-to-use web-based framework to create a showcase CV. The main advantage is its extreme simplicity: you only need to edit an XML file. Since you just need to markup the structure of your CV without thinking in visual appearance artifacts, you'll end up with a robust resulting formatting. Although the 'base' output is XHTML code, more formats can be generated (e.g., vCard or PDF).

the must-have

Change theme: minimal, narrow, or coolcenter.

Take a look at the source file, the DTD used for validation, and of course the README file.

Documentation will be available soon.


supported environments

You can type your custom HTML code inside <text> nodes. However, there are a set of predefined environments that could make your life easier.

itemize (bullet list)

  • First
  • Second item
  • Other

enumerate (ordered list)

  1. First
  2. Second item
  3. Other


  • First description for 1st item
  • Second item other description
  • Other and so on


Table: optional table caption goes here
200x-200xMs.C. in ...
200x-200xMs.C. in ...

image tests


Figure: a small icon


Figure: caption test string with link (source)

image with more than 1 file


(1) img caption


(2) other caption, that needs more text and could span more than one line of text if neccesary

Figure: when there are more than 1 image, you can use a caption for all of them

This framework is easily extensible in several ways:
  1. By adding plugins (mainly JavaScript and CSS files)
  2. By adding widgets (mainly PHP files)
  3. By extending the MyCV's (PHP) base classes
  4. By implementing your own code ;)
Publications are in BibTeX format. All .bib files are loaded and automatically parsed from the 'bib' dir. You can see an example at this page.


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