ACE: Adaptive CSS Engine

ACE is a system that tailors web UIs to the users' behavior without requiring end-user intervention. The webmaster specifies which elements and which CSS properties can be modifiable. Then, when users access the site, the visual appearance of such elements is subtly modified in an unsupervised and incremental manner.

Video Demo

Watch an ACE screencast.
Tip: If you have a Vimeo account, you'll be able to download the video file in hi-res (AVI, 40.7 MB).

Live Demo

Browse this sample page and then navigate away by clicking on a link, pressing the back button, refreshing your browser, or closing the tab/window. On returning, some elements will be restyled and/or rearranged.

A friendly reminder for the insightful visitor: this is a demonstrator; do not expected a fully-featured site or an impressive technology under the hood.


Source Code

(cc) 2023 Luis A. Leiva